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Another new systematic theology... Really?

On why the world, and the church, may need another trilogy.

A smattering of what is already available

Some things – getting married; building a house; becoming a Christian – should be done only once; other things – reading Scripture (or Calvin's Institutes); celebrating the Lord's Supper; loving your neighbor – ought to be done on a regular basis; and some other things – bungee jumping; reading the whole of Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics; writing bucket lists – may never need to be done at all. 

Into which of these three categories does "writing a three-volume systematic theology" belong?

Some other things – bungee jumping; reading the whole of Karl Barth's Church Dogmatics; writing bucket lists – may never need to be done at all.

It's a fair question.

The Theophilus Project

The Theophilus Project is about loving God with all one's mind, heart, soul, and strength, and about directing this effort into writing a systematic theology. As such, it is as a spiritual and intellectual journal as well as a writing log and progress report. Doing theology – speaking well of God and living well to God – involves the whole person, and whole persons in community.

Why "Theophilus Project"? The obvious reference is to Luke 1:1-4 and Acts 1:1, both instances where Luke gives to Theophilus ("lover of God") an "orderly" – or, why not, systematic – account of the gospel of Jesus Christ and its aftermath. What Luke sets out to do in narrative, the systematic theologian sets forth in ... what, exactly? The answer to that these pages will show. It suffices at present to say that theology is from Theophilus to Theophilus. Inasmuch as systematic theologies exist for the sake of edifying Theophilus, every generation needs them.

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Patrick Millsap
Patrick Millsap
Mar 15, 2021

I have enjoyed several of your texts and look forward to reading your 3 volume set when it is published.

The best to you in your endeavors,

Patrick S. Millsap


Kaz Okaya
Kaz Okaya
Apr 22, 2020

Super excited to hear this! Que Dieu vous bénisse dans ce voyage!


Nov 09, 2019

I am delighted to here this project on the systematic theology Dr. Kevin. May the Lord guide you on this project for the help of his body and the global church.


Sep 06, 2019

It never hurts to update systematic theology in light of cultural changes,especially in digital age!I admire your erudition Kevin,have taken the mantle from D.A.Carson as the new "Mr. Trinity!"..I like your concept of 'mere evangelicalism!"...Similar to C.S.,Mere Christianity....I know this work will be magisterial,could be your sequel to Drama of Doctrine(the Orange Biblia!").Will definitely add to my tolle,lege list!....sola Gloria Deo


Aug 23, 2019

I too am very thankful that you've are following the Spirit's leading. Having a community space to follow along just makes sense. Que Dieu te bénisse !

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