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Kevin J. Vanhoozer

Research Professor of Systematic Theology
Trinity Evangelical Divinity School

Welcome to the Theophilus Project, a fifty-plus year mission to grow in the knowledge and love of God.


Doctrine is merely chatter unless deployed to make disciples. This book contrasts North American culture's preoccupation with physical wellness, diet, and fitness with the church's relative neglect of spiritual fitness. The pastor's vocation is to equip a holy nation, training disciples to be fit for the purpose of living out their citizenship in the gospel.




Here you will find some of my favorite presentations, on topics including C. S. Lewis and the imagination, N. T. Wright on justification, sapiential apologetics, and what it means to "learn Christ" (Eph. 4:20).

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All Videos

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This is my running commentary and progress report (or lack thereof) as I begin, and continue, to write a three-volume systematic theology. 

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